Sound Familiar?

Dave brings extensive experience in addressing the frustrations of CEOs and CFOs.  Click on any of these statements that reflect your own concerns:

"Capital is going to be scarce for the foreseeable future. We need stretch our budget and make every dollar count."

Now more than ever, every dollar of capital is precious and companies are determined to improve how they deploy their capital. At Verax Point, we have a large array of tools and techniques that deliver substantial savings and higher returns of invested capital.

"I'm constantly dealing with recommendations either pitched as 'No-Brainers' with little information or handed an inch-thick binder and I waste my own time digging to find the specific information I need."

We customize proposal formats based on the needs and preferences of the senior executive team that allows them to get right information and insights every time and know exactly where they will find that information.

"I don't want to see another 'all or nothing' proposal. Surely there are other potential solutions I should be aware of before making a decision."

In almost every situation, teams tend to overlook some potential solutions.  We draw out the experience and creativity of the project team to generate new and innovative alternatives with higher returns.

"I have an unsettling feeling that my teams are not all using the same measures in presenting value. How can I make strategic portfolio choices when the numbers are not apples-to-apples?"

We implement a standardized approach and train teams to provide consistent valuation methods applied across the company to support portfolio decisions.  These principles adapt to any size project, from the tens of thousands to tens of millions of dollars.

"We keep approving projects promising high returns but our overall business returns don't reflect equivalent performance. What's going on?"

We train your staff to detect and correct hidden missteps that typically produce overly optimistic return estimates.

"My project teams understand 'Yes' and they understand 'Maybe' but they don't understand 'No'. These projects are like Godzilla, always coming back after I thought I killed them!"

Verax Point addresses habits in company culture that drive project teams to take that "Can Do" attitude to a harmful extreme.

"Why do I keep hearing 'But they deserve this project... they've earned it'?"

Verax Point transforms how the organization defines and rewards success to avoid recommendations motivated by emotional rationales.
"I have very high regard for Dave -- you will get an honest and disciplined approach to capital decision-making. He has good perspective and you can trust that the proper disciplines are being applied. He is always friendly, tactful and insightful, always able to get his point across without creating a 'we-they' situation. In baseball terms, he has good clubhouse skills."
William C. Stivers
Executive Vice President & CFO (Retired)
Weyerhaeuser Company
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