We engage in the mode most appropriate for your enterprise.

Strategy Execution Assessment

Verax will evaluate current practices, identifying vulnerabilities that erode the quality of strategy execution, sap resources, and undercut performance. With a clear understanding of the issues, we then develop a clear roadmap for closing the gaps and improving growth, profits, and ROI.

Individual Projects

Verax will work with your business team on an individual critical project, applying best practices for promoting innovation and delivering a clear and concise project proposal to you, the decision-maker. Typical initiatives include:

• Expansion Opportunities & Major Upgrades
• Information Technology Investments
• Fix/Sell/Close Decisions

Enduring Strategy Execution Framework

Verax will design a comprehensive yet flexible process and equip your staff to apply it consistently and effectively. The scope typically includes:

• Capital Budgeting
• Roles & Responsibilities Matrix
• Valuation & Communication Techniques
• Risk Analysis & Mitigation
• Follow-Up Reporting
• Training & Implementation

The Acquisition Skeptic

With a failure rate of 70% or greater, the traditional M&A approach demands a new, truly independent voice.

If a potential acquisition is on your horizon, read more…

Strategy Execution Coaching For Senior Executives

Highly talented individuals often rise quickly in an organization without receiving a practical grounding in the core leadership principles of finance and strategy execution. Dave equips senior leaders one-on-one with critical tools for assessing capital recommendations and recognizing weaknesses in proposals.

"Dave is determined to understand the special nuances of the deal. He examines the strategic issues, one by one and then conveys information in a way that makes it useable."
Phil Ferrari
EVP / Director of Investor Capital
Private Equity
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